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Episode 4: On the benefits of listening to feedback October 9, 2019

Welcome to another episode of Her Business is Our Business where we Gayathri and Aparna look at Women Entrepreneurship beyond funding – sharing expertise, experiences and tools to grow your business.

We all receive feedback from time to time, be it at work or at home.

While some of these may be in our favour the others may not be something we would like to hear. So, how do we deal with this?

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of feedback, how to deal with constructive feedback and the need to listen to or take feedback from people especially those who may disagree with your perspectives. We also share some personal experiences and examples in this regard.

Listen on.

We begin this episode by sharing some insight from a recent survey that talks about what Investors look for in Entrepreneurs.

The two key traits are:

Product & Entrepreneurial passion

Entrepreneur's ability to handle feedback

Business reasons to collect feedback


Maintain a good relationship with customers

Testimonial to create more businesses

Motivate and build a reward system for your team

Develop products and services

Understand how your brand is viewed in the market

Points to keep in mind while receiving feedback

Do not react right away. Try to stay calm

Break the confirmation bias

Take it objectively

Keep your questions open-ended

Ask follow up questions along with reasons for their answers

Don't forget to show your gratitude. Ensure you give thanks not just verbally but by acting on their suggestions/feedback and following up

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