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Episode 17: Productivity tips and tricks

Welcome to another episode of Her Business is Our Business where we, Gayathri and Aparna, look at Women Entrepreneurship beyond funding – sharing expertise, experiences and tools to grow your business.

Being productive is something that we all aim to do, however, we face a few challenges along the way. Why does this happen? How do we tackle this?

In this episode, we look at ways to improve productivity, how to use productivity tools efficiently and reasons that a few productivity tips do not work for us. We also share some insights on our own tried and tested ways to stay productive.

Listen on!

Key Takeaways:

  • Productivity Tips & Hacks:

    • Pay yourself forward - Plan ahead

    • Reward yourself

    • Calendaring

    • Learn to use electronic tools such as Scanner

    • Enhance your knowledge of using the software tools

    • Learn and explore new things

    • Break things down tasks

    • Focus on where your energy lies

    • Maintain a To-do list

    • Strive to strike a Work-life balance

    • Get to know yourself better

    • Understand your personality and choose a productivity method that will suit you

    • Identify where your energy is

    • Try new ways

    • Keep a track of what works for you

  • Productivity is carrying forward the energy to go towards your goal

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