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We accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses

Our mission is to help women succeed at their business, to this end we engage with not only with the business elements, but also the eco-system and the entrepreneur herself. 

The public face of HBOB is our podcast.

Click on the tab podcast above or here to listen to our episodes on various aspects of business and women entrepreneurs. 

Our latest Project

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HBOB-GAME Virtual Mentoring Project

We conducted a study to examine the impact of virtual mentoring on non-tech women entrepreneurs.
We designed a milestone based mentoring structure to enable standardisation across the board keeping in mind potential scaling. 
We were amazed at the results! Optimists that we were, and great believers in mentoring, it was still a big ask, especially in Covid times, that people who did not know each other would work together so successfully. 
The details of the project are available for free (embedded to your left) for the benefit of entrepreneur development organisations, incubators, accelerators, start-up support groups and mentoring organisations. 
If you want to know more, or would like to collaborate on more such projects, do reach out to


Our change management initiatives are designed to work toward building gender parity and inclusiveness in the larger ecosystem affecting business & commerce. 

Our capacity building arm offers structured programs for entrepreneurs and incubators in ideation, business plan development, validation process, sales models and building level 1 leadership for start-ups.

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Our consulting arm not only covers the obvious aspects of businesses such as ideation, strategy, markets, funding etc but also critical but often overlooked aspects such as, what kind of people to hire? What are the criteria to evaluate the fitment of a co-founder? How do we nail down roles in a dynamic startup? How to measure performance in a start-up? 

Our coaching and mentoring offering focuses on the entrepreneur, the individual behind the business; working with them 1:1 to identify and resolve key challenges and build capabilities at a personal level. 
Our research arm takes up different projects that add value to the ecosystem supporting women entrepreneurs such as best practices for a start up boot camp, effectiveness of mentoring or evaluating business readiness for incubation. 
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